Sunday, April 22, 2007

I borrowed some of these photos from some excellent sites where you can see even more pictures of Morocco, such as:,
PS: photos above represent several of the places of interest I mentioned in my story about Morocco:
Pic 1: Yves Saint Laurant Garden
Pic 2: Marrakesh
Pic 3: Atlas mountains
Pic 4: Marrakesh, main market squareDjemaa el-Fina

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Mabruk said...

In every town I visited in Morocco, I had to go to the local souqs and markets. I love everything in Morocco: food, culture and traditions, property in Morocco, people,etc. But i love local bazaars the most. I enjoyed to stroll around, to look at all the colorful stalls, the vendors, the visitors and to discover new stuff I never saw before and to find out what it might be. Every souq in every town like Tangier, Fez, Marrakech, Taroudannt, Rissani has its own character. But in every souq I experienced the same excitement of the abundance of colors and aroma's.