Friday, August 25, 2006

3 myths about Russia

People all around the world usually ask me 3 main questions that are based on their image of Russia and today I want to give answers to them for everyone to know:
1.Russia is cold? Russia is NOT cold, it has 4 different climates from subtropical to tundra. It is cold in the north but hot in the south. In Moscow summer temperature is around + 25 C (77 F) but it can also reach midle 30s C (middle 80s) in July and August.
2. Russians and vodka go together? Russians prefer beer! The results of the consumer research performed in 2002 showed that beer comes first in most answers (accept for men between 36 and 50, but the difference is negligeable). Wine comes as a close 3d and if you put beer and wine preferences together the figure will be nearly twice as big as vodka preferences. For detailed report, please, see the following link:
3. Russia is danagerous? Russia is not dangerous! Moscow and St.Petersburg are not more dangerous than Chicago, London or Paris. The only problem tourists might encounter is when they would like to ask directions: not all people in the street will speak a foreign language.
As for the business it is a different story: you need an insider to expand your busienss into Russia. It is about who you know, not what you know and connections are everything. But here where we can help! visit us at

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Mrs. B. Roth said...

this is a good blog ... i have never left the USA (yet) and i am sure i have many misconceptions mixed in with a feeling that people everywhere are kind of the same too. So thanks for taking the time to inform us. tell us how russia feels about americans - are we stupid americans or cool or what?