Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Getting started in International Trade

Today I would like to introduce a very usful link for those who are thinking about getting invloved in INTERNATIONAL TRADE. Please, visit the website: http://www.sitpro.org.uk/trade/getstarted.html
The article is very useful for beginners. Also check out Incoterms guide on the left-hand column navigation.

One great tip for beginners: do A LOT OF market research. Even if in the end you decide not to developm export-import relationship with that particular country your market research will surve you good - it means it preveted you from loosing a lot of money in the venture that was not worth it.

Always start with a humble attitude "I don't know anything" rather than "I know everything - let's just go and do it!" that I often hear from my clients in Chicago in my day-to-day activities. KNOWLEDGE/INFORMATION IS POWER! This is my favourite proverb.

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