Saturday, August 26, 2006

What Russians think about Americans

Hello there!
First of all, I am glad my blog is of interest to people - this is the goal of having it. So, please, spread the word about it! I plan to up-date it on a regular basis with interesting stories, articles, experiences.
Now about the question that Mrs. B. Roth wrote: there are several perceptions Russians have about Americans: first of all, we admire you being very goal-oriented, organized, and great entrepreneurs. However general population in Russia think Americans are not open-hearted. In terms of being not really smart, well, it is believed that as individuals Americans are very interesting people, very often well-educated and intelligent but somehow as a crowd they don't make the same impression.
Please, don't get offended, as I said, these are just general perceptions of an average Russian.


James Galvin said...

Here is an interesting and funny interchange, maybe some of you have read. It is a conversation between a Russian student and famous hedge fund manager, Jim Rogers, who has been very good at forecasting the rise of commodity prices. Enjoy!

Gattina said...

You should meet Russian and American tourists at the red sea in Egypt. That's fun !
They really hate each other and I as a european tourist I sit in the middle.